1999 GMH Twentieth Anniversary

IN ITS TWENTY YEAR HISTORY, the General Mediterranean Group has experienced buoyant growth despite the vagaries of the world financial markets. Teamwork, determination and financial resilience have been the keystones of its success.
GMH is represented in some thirty countries. Its corporate aim has been to maximise profitability whilst, at the same time, contributing directly to the economics of its host countries. Consolidated group assets exceed US$ 1.7 billion and the group employs some 4000 staff worldwide.
As the 21st Century unfurls, the Group looks forward to new challenges in both the mature and developing economies.
Celebrating the event, GMH held a gala dinner and musical entertainment at the Grand Ballroom, Park Lane Hilton Hotel on 23rd April 1999 attended by approximately 600 guests.
The welcoming speech was delivered by the Group Chairman Mr Nadhmi Auchi followed by Lord Sainsbury, Minister for Science and Mr Abdul Hadi Al-Majali, Speaker of the Jordanian Lower House of Parliament.
After that Lord Sainsbury presented Mr Auchi, on behalf of the British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair, with a commemorative painting of the Houses of Parliament signed by Leaders of Her Majesty's opposition, ministers and members of the Parliament.