Royal Society of Medicine honours Nadhmi Auchi

Auchi with Princess Michael of Kent

Britainís Royal Society of Medicine organsises ceremony in honour of Arab businessman Nadhmi Auchi.
Britainís Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) had organised a ceremony in honour of Arab businessman Nadhmi Auchi, Chairman of General Mediterranean Holding (GMH), and President of the Anglo Arab Organisation (AAO).
The ceremony, which took place at the RSM building in London, was in appreciation of Auchiís efforts in supporting the cause of medicine in the United Kingdom, which included funding medical research projects and sponsorships.
Present at the ceremony were a number of Arab Ambassadors, British Lords and MPs, and prominent figures in the medical profession.
As a token of gratitude, the RSM has named the main hall in his name ďThe Nadhmi Auchi Foyer.

The ceremony was sponsored by Princess Michael of Kent, who expressed her appreciation of Auchiís contribution to the RSM and praised his role in supporting stronger relations between medical institutions in the UK and their counterparts in the Middle East.
Also during the ceremony, Professor Robin Williamson, Dean of the RSM, thanked Auchi for his financial support to the medical society.
Adding to the voices of gratitude, Professor Nadi Hakim thanked Auchi ďon behalf of the thousands of medical surgeons who are members of the RSMĒ, adding that Auchiís contributions to the field of medicine play an important role for scientific research for future generations.
Auchi, who was touched by symbolic gesture of the ceremony, expressed his admiration for the work of the RSM, and pledged to continue supporting cooperation in the field of medicine between Britain and the Arab world.
The Egyptian ambassador in London made a speech on behalf of Arab diplomatic corps, praising Auchi for his efforts in supporting the Arab presence in Britain.
He also hailed Auchiís initiatives to strengthen dialogue between Britain and the Arab world especially through AAO, which has become the backbone of convergence and dialogue between both parties.
The AAO, which Auchi is the president of, is an NGO body set to attempt building economic and cultural bridges between the peoples of the Arab world and the West.

Anglo Arab Originisation hails Sleimanís description of expats as Ďthe second wing of Lebanoní.

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman receiving Nadhmi Auchi

Auchi: President Sleiman election is a turning point for the Lebanese
Lebanese President Michel Sleiman received Nadhmi Auchi, President of the Anglo Arab Originisation (AAO) at Baabda Palace in Lebanon.
Auchi congratulated the new President, on behalf of AAO members and the Arab community in Britain, who see the election of Sleiman as a turning point in the interest of Lebanon and a source of stability and tranquility for the Lebanese people.
Auch said the election of President Sleiman sends a message to the Arab people informing them that the situation in Lebanon is heading on the right direction, and that the language of dialogue between the politicians has become the only means to reach peace.
"The election of President Michel Sleiman reflects a new phase," said Auchi.
Auchi hailed the inaugural speech given by Sleiman especially the way the new President described the Lebanese expatriates.
"The description of President Sleiman Lebanese expatriate as Ďthe second wing of Lebanoní did not only move their feelings, but also touched the emotions of Arab expatriate living in Lebanon," said Auchi.
The new Lebanese President had praised Lebanese emigrants in his inaugural speech.
"The second wing of Lebanon looks to us today, and hopes to see its homeland become greater. We recognize the rights of our expatriates, and move forward with procedures to enhance their adhesion, and use their abilities by employing them, so that they would not need to live outside their country," said Sleiman.
Auchi had also met with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and congratulated him on the role he played which led to election of President Sleiman and the agreement between the various parties.
He hailed the balanced approach of Berri and his endeavor to establish a formula that serves Lebanon and its people.
Auchi said Berri expressed optimism regarding the success of the Doha accord which, Berri noted, is being implemented by all parties.