The Anglo Arab Organisation is a private non-profit making organisation, established as a company limited by guarantee, in accordance with English Companies Act. It was incorporated in England on 31st December 2002.


  1. Conserving the identity of the Arab community in the United Kingdom.
  2. Promoting the integration of British Arabs into mainstream British society, whilst retaining their identity.
  3. Enriching the host society by encouraging the participation of Arabs in social, economic, artistic and cultural activities including public life in Britain.
  4. Disseminating and exchanging information about Arabic and English cultures and civilizations, thereby promoting better understanding.
  5.  Promoting commerce and investment between Britain and the Arab countries and the participation of businesses in enhancing economies activities.
  6. Encouraging the employment of qualified young Arab professionals in joint investment projects
  7. Co-operating with the various Arab and European Chambers of Commerce and providing support for their role.

Structure and Management

Board of Directors

The Organisation shall be managed by a board of directors made up of a minimum number of five members namely, the President, Vice President, Secretary General, Executive Officer and Financial Officer. The founding members shall appoint the members of the Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Directors will be empowered to remove a member of the Board of Directors, accept his/her resignation and appoint new members.

Committee of Patrons

The Organisation shall have a Committee of Patrons made up of no less than 15 Arab and English personalities, who have rendered recognised service to the community and been chosen by the Board of Directors. The president shall be the Chairman of the Committee.

Honorary Members

The Organisation shall not have more than 35 Honorary Members in any given years who are invited by the Board of Directors and whose membership is renewed annually. Such Honorary Members shall from time to time be selected from both Arab and English persons, who are willing and able to support the objectives of the Organisation.


Membership of the Organisation is by invitation of the Board of Directors. Upon proposal by a member of the Board and seconded by another member.


The Organisation shall enjoy all powers and rights which the law confers on juridical personalities, including the right of ownership, making donations, opening bank accounts, setting up trusts and employing people to achieve its objectives.

Members from the Board of Directors, Committee of Patrons, and Honorary Members at the launching of AAO